Introduction to Marketing

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Throughout this course we will be working on a business idea that you will generate based upon your interests. To do so, you must think about what you can do or sell to make extra money. You must follow these basic restrictions for your idea. Throughout this course, you will be referring to this business but you will not have to actually create this business. When your business idea is mentioned throughout your course, treat it as a mock business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe fundamental principles of marketing, terms and definitions, as well as the role of the marketing manager.
  • Explain the 4 Ps of marketing.
  • Develop an understanding of the decisions involved in the marketing function of organizations.
  • Analyze complex marketing problems and generate appropriate recommendations for implementation.
  • Recognize corporate social responsibility concerns related to marketing (e.g. sustainability, cultural appropriation, green-washing).
  • Design a Marketing Plan using the group problem solving method.

Course Materials