Business Communications 2

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Effective communication, both inside and outside of an organization, is a key characteristic of a successful business. This course explores the many strategies and methods one might employ to ensure important messages are communicated in a professional manner. This course establishes business communication fundamentals such as delivering bad news, writing informational reports, creating persuading messages, designing and delivering professional presentations, and preparing for employment searches.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe best practice theory and principles for communication in a business context
  • Write effective general purpose business correspondence; may include memos, good-news messages, bad news messages, persuasive messages and direct request letters
  • Prepare a compelling resume
  • Develop and deliver an effective and professional presentation
  • Demonstrate professional communication in all interactions

Course Materials

  • Student Guide & Checklist Week 1 - Welcome to Business Communications
  • Synchronous Session Plan Week 1 - Welcome to Business Communications
  • Synchronous Session Presentation Week 1 - Welcome to Business Communications