Introduction to University Writing

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This self-paced writing skills course will assist students to build academic writing skills required at the university/college level. Incorporated in this skill set is the ability to use critical thinking skills to acquire and analyse information and develop knowledge in new areas.

The learning activities and assignments in this course are designed to help students access, develop and attain the writing skills they will require when they move forward into post secondary level courses. Students will learn how to write clearly and concisely and develop their own ideas while avoiding plagiarism. Students will learn how to paraphrase and summarize other viewpoints that will come into play to support their ideas.

Students will be asked to investigate academic writing and sharpen their writing process skills. In particular, students will be asked to find information, become an active reader and analyze the information they read. Students will make decisions based on their analysis and use this information and analysis to come up with a written argument essay and literary analysis essay. 

The eight sections include required readings and videos that will guide students towards finding scholarly information, how to analyze it, and how to use it within their writing.  

The course requires an instructor to be available to answer any questions students may have with the goal of completing this writing skills course with success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the rules of grammar and mechanics to prose composition
  • Use critical thinking skills
  • Accurately summarize ideas, organization, and tone
  • Become and active reader while analyzing and discussing readings
  • Format writing for academic purposes/audiences
  • Proofread/edit for mechanical and structural errors
  • Conduct research and communicate findings
  • Compose and revise an argument and literary analysis essay
  • Use MLA to document sources
  • Use literary terminology appropriate to context
  • Analyze poetry and understand literary elements
  • Produce structured academic essays

Course Materials