Introduction to Management

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This course was developed to address two primary gaps present in many introductory management courses: A focus on high level theory without immediate application for students. Examples and cases focusing on large Fortune 500 businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees, where most students in decision-making roles need to make smart decisions on a much smaller scale.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explain what management is, including the types of work and the activities of management;
  • Distinguish what makes a company socially-responsible;
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives for a business and make a business decision with a decision matrix;
  • Construct and compare organizational designs;
  • Contribute to effective group work using management best-practices;
  • Interpret what motivates people and examine how leaders can influence that motivation;
  • Adopt appropriate conflict resolution techniques used in Human Resources Management;
  • Propose business solutions to real-world problems.

Course Materials